Student Handbook

Welcome to Goodman Middle School!
Home of the Roadrunners!

The Goodman Staff hope you will find GMS an exciting place to learn and grow. We are excited and look forward to encouraging and supporting you in developing and maintaining character traits that will lead to your success as a student moving through the middle school years and preparing for high school. These character traits are represented in Goodman “PRIDE” (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Excellence).

The character traits you demonstrate are the most important aspect of you. It is what you stand for, how you treat people and what you do. These are the traits that will lead you through a successful life. Since none of us comes close to being perfect in any of these areas, we need to be forgiving of others and to strive to improve. Be determined that you are going to work on yourself to become a better person.

Seek to develop positive relationships. We all need friends and to be good friends. Be respectful to everyone: yourself, your fellow students, your teachers, your parents. Honor diversity; get to know people who are different than you and learn to appreciate their differences. Do not spend your life trying to convince others to think and act just like you do. That makes for a dull world. Be a positive person; say “yes” to life. Do not get caught up in “put-downs” making fun of others. Be a team player. While you may not make the NBA, NFL or USA Olympic Team, you can become the kind of person about whom others say, “You make everyone feel good just to be around you.”

Finally, work hard and have high expectations for yourself. In the words of Russell Wilson, “The biggest thing is doing what I do best and that is working hard, every day I wake up and that’s my goal, to be on a constant quest for knowledge and do something different, being unique and being uncommon.”


The community of Goodman Middle School will set high standards for learning while providing a safe, nurturing environment in which students are encouraged to explore a variety of subjects and concepts. We will strive to have students develop basic academic, physical, creative and social skills so they can become healthy and proficient life-long learners who respect diversity of people and ideas.


Late assignments and absences: After an excused or planned absence you have the right to make up any assigned work upon your return to school. You have the number of days absent (unless discussed with the teacher) to turn in the assignment. If you will be absent more than three days, please have your parent/guardian call the Attendance office at 253.530.1607 or contact your teacher to request homework to be picked up the next day. If any work is picked up or is assigned before the absence, it is due upon return. Teachers may use their discretion on due dates.

The main goal of homework is to provide you with additional practice to help master skills taught in class. Additional benefits of homework are to develop self-discipline, responsibility and the ability to study independently. We recommend a daily study time at home that occurs in a quiet place free of distractions. Typically, you may spend an average of 60 minutes per night on homework, which is divided among the classes. In addition to daily homework, you may be assigned reports, projects and research assignments.

We believe that communication is essential to student success. In the fall we have our Open House and Parent Conferences. Additionally, parents are welcome to conference with teachers, counselors and administrators at anytime by scheduling an appointment. Any parent who has a concern or wishes to make an appointment to see a teacher or group of teachers, should call the office at 530.1600 and ask to leave a message for the teacher to schedule a time to meet. Contact your child’s counselor to coordinate a meeting with several teachers.

You should be prepared to suit up and participate every day. You will be given an assigned locker. You must provide your own clean PE clothing. Shorts and T-shirts may be worn. Only sports shoes can be worn in the gym. Showers are encouraged and available. Each Friday, we ask that you take your clothing home to be washed. (PLEASE!)

Parent Portal is a website that allows you to create an account to access up to date information on your child. Grades are posted to the Parent Portal by the teachers. This portal is a great way to discuss school and the classes your child is taking this year.

The goal for all students at Goodman is to be academically successful. Therefore, if a student is struggling in a class, one or more of the following interventions may occur: counseling, academic contract, working lunch, working flex, staffing (a meeting of all the student’s teachers), parent conference, and daily/weekly assignment reports.

You are responsible for all books and equipment used by and issued to you. You must have a cover on your books at all times. If equipment is damaged, lost or stolen, you will be expected to pay full replacement costs. Outstanding obligations at the end of each trimester may result in the loss of privileges.


Attendance is vital in ensuring student success in middle school. Parents, please help us guarantee that the students at Goodman Middle School are always accounted for and safe! Form a partnership with our office staff and contact us immediately if your child will not be at school due to illness or an important appointment. Parents should call 530-1607 in the morning to report absences or tardies. If you reach the voice mail system, please leave your child’s complete name, grade and reason for absence. All students who have been absent must report directly to the attendance window before school begins on the day they return. Please send your child with a written note explaining the absence if you have not already called. Include the specific dates and reason(s) for the absence(s). Extended absences of 3 or more days from school may require a doctor’s note. Administrators hold the responsibility of only excusing absences for medical, dental or clearly emergency situations. All others fall under the categories of unexcused or truant and may have consequences associated with them. State and District policy expects administration to file a BECCA Petition if students have up to 10 or more unexcused or truant absences per year or 5 unexcused absences in one month. *See Truancy for unexcused absence

When anticipating absences of three or more days, students should bring a parent/guardian note explaining the absence to the office. Students will be given a form for all teachers to sign prior to the expected absence. Please return the completed form to the office prior to the planned absence. It is the student’s responsibility to make up schoolwork that will be missed. Each teacher will decide, on an individual basis, the assignments that must be completed and set appropriate due dates.

If you are leaving early at the end of the academic year, please contact the office so that arrangements can be made for turning in all books and materials.

When a dental, medical or court appointment makes it necessary for you to leave school early, you must bring a note signed by your parent/guardian stating the reason and time for the early dismissal. A dismissal note will be issued by the attendance staff and the note should be given to the teacher at the early dismissal time. If you do not have a note, a parent must come to the office and sign you out. If you return before the end of the school day, you should report directly to the front office upon arrival.

If you are late to school, report directly to the front office. Those with a valid excuse related to medical/dental conditions, or unavoidable appointments documented by a parent/guardian, will be marked excused. Those without a note or an unexcused reason will be marked truant or unexcused. Missing the bus, car trouble and running late are examples of unexcused reasons. Students will be referred for disciplinary action upon repeated unexcused tardies or absences.

School is from 8:15am until 2:45pm (9:15 – 2:45 on Wednesdays). Students should not arrive before 7:45am (8:45 on Wednesdays) unless prior arrangements have been made with a teacher. Before morning classes, you will be able to go to the attendance window, stop at your locker, speak with your teachers if necessary, and prepare for the day. In the morning the commons/cafeteria is a great place to relax, do homework or just sit and visit with friends. The office is open from 7:30am until 4:00pm on student attended days.

Students will have a 30 minute lunch/activity break between 11:50am and 1:00pm depending on their class schedule. These times will vary with special schedules such as an “Assembly Schedule.”

Please be sure you discuss with your parents what you should do if school is dismissed early due to poor weather conditions. You should make sure you have access to your home in the event of a power outage (a key, not an electric device). If you need to go somewhere other than your home in an emergency, please make sure your parent/guardian has provided the school with a written authorization and has it on file in order for the school to permit you to go the alternate location. This information may be provided on the emergency form that all families are asked to complete upon enrollment at Goodman.

Making a Thoughtful Decision:
• Weather information is reviewed the day and night prior to the decision. A review with our transportation department and neighboring districts is also done.
• Starting at 3:00 a.m. or sooner, district officials and the transportation department drive emergency bus routes throughout the District’s 120 square miles.
• The District may choose to operate on a normal schedule, have a late start, or close entirely. Late starts allow us:
• time to monitor and adjust decisions to changing conditions.
• to provide the safety of daylight for students and transportation personnel.
• additional time for Peninsula School District staff to arrive to work.
• time for transportation to further critique snow routes and make necessary adjustments or modifications.

• SchoolMessenger® System: notifies all staff and parents within 30 minutes by phone
• Peninsula School District Website:
• Peninsula School District Emergency Information Line: 253-530-1088
• Local TV and radio stations
• KGHP (District radio station): 89.3FM, 89.9FM, 105.7FM; or,
• Emergency bus route information is available by early November in school offices and on the Peninsula School District website under “About Us; then, Transportation”
• You may also subscribe to School Report through Public Schools Emergency Communications Systems (PSECS) which will automatically send you an email notifying you of any delays or closures that are posted. To subscribe go to:

If a student is withdrawing from school, a parent/guardian must contact the office. Students will be given a form to be signed by all teachers, the bookkeeper, and the librarian. All books must be returned and any outstanding fees paid. Please notify the office at least 24 hours in advance.


Goodman has a closed campus. All visitors, including parents, must check in at the office and receive a visitor’s badge. Prospective students and their families must make arrangements with administration for a tour. All visitors must make arrangements with staff members 24 hours prior to a classroom visit. For other visitors, if teachers have no objections to having the visitor in class and there are no social activities or special events planned, approval may be given for a one-day visitation.

Students must stay on campus from arrival in the morning, during lunch and until dismissal. In order to leave campus during school hours, a parent must sign his/her child out of school at the office. Loitering on the outskirts of campus, in the street or in the surrounding neighborhoods is not allowed. Students should leave campus promptly following dismissal unless participating in a school approved function or activity under supervision of school staff.

An emergency plan for Goodman Middle School will be reviewed during homeroom. Drills are scheduled throughout the year to familiarize students with all contingencies. Parents are welcome to inquire from administrators about specific procedures to be followed in assuring the safety and security of their children. It is imperative that parents/guardians update any/all medical information, address, telephone number, emergency contact changes or additions by logging into ParentPortal each year or whenever there is a change.

In an emergency, parents will need to follow the parent/child reunification process in order to pick up their child. A reunification area will be clearly designated on campus.

If an illness or injury occurs after a student arrives at school, he/she is to report to his/her teacher for a hall pass and then to the Health Room located in the main office. Students may not call home themselves to arrange to be picked up due to illness. If necessary, the health technician will access a nurse for consultation during the school day. If that person is not available or is on call, the office personnel and administrators have first aid training/experience and will assist. A nurse is provided two days a week or on an emergency basis. A parent will be notified as needed, therefore, it is important to keep the office informed of address and telephone number changes.

You are encouraged to return found items and to check for lost items in the Lost and Found located near the Commons. Valuable items such as, cell phones, money, jewelry should be turned in to the office. Keeping an item you know belongs to another student will be considered theft. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items, which means that you are responsible for what you bring to school. Unclaimed items from our Lost and Found will be donated at least once per school year to a local organization.

Under Washington State Law, when any medication (including “over-the-counter”) must be given/taken during school hours, proper forms are to be filled out by the parents and the doctor. All medications must be stored and administered through the Health Room. These forms may be obtained from the office.

Students are to assume responsibility for loss or damage to personal property. School personnel attempt to provide for the protection of property, but the school cannot assume responsibility for personal loss and is not responsible for the replacement of personal items. Each child is encouraged to write his/her name in/on all personal belongings. You are asked to keep all items in your locked lockers. Students should not share lock combinations with any other students.

Bus Behavior: Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately as passengers on a school bus. The Peninsula School District Transportation will provide you with a handbook of rules. The information/rules are also posted and/or explained on each bus. School buses are a part of the learning environment. Students must promptly and willingly obey the driver at all times, including, but not limited to: on the bus; at the bus stop; or on the way to/from home. Not following the rules may result in temporary or permanent removal from riding the bus.
Bus Lines: When school is dismissed, you exit through the locker bay doors. Please do not walk or stand on the grass. You should line up single file, with no pushing or shoving.
Going Home with a Friend or on Another Bus: If you wish to ride a bus home with a friend or are receiving a ride from someone other than a parent/designated contact person, a signed note or phone call from a parent is necessary. Notes must be taken to the Attendance window before school or to the office during honor time, but no later than 2:15 pm to obtain a bus pass. No one will be allowed on a different bus without a bus pass. NO PASSES WILL BE ISSUED AFTER 2:15.


Counseling services are available to all students and parents. You may schedule a time to speak with a counselor. In addition to supporting students with their academic and social lives, our counselors are also responsible for registration and individual scheduling. Parent conferences with teachers may be arranged with the assistance of the counselors.

Any student who has signed up for a course with a fee, needs to pay the fee prior to or as soon as possible after the start of the class. If a student has acquired a fine, it should be paid by the end of the trimester. Unpaid fees or fines may result in consequences, including ineligibility for participation in activities and events. They may also limit a student’s participation in any other classes associated with fees.

You will be provided a locker to help keep all bags, purses, backpacks, books and supplies safe and well organized. You are responsible for the care and condition of your assigned locker. Absolutely no stickers, writing, or glue are allowed on or inside your locker. It is important that you make sure that your locker is locked at all times and remains clean.
DO NOT exchange lockers, share lockers or share lock combinations with other students. Students who damage lockers will receive a fine.

Please remember that lockers are the property of the school and are subject to inspections by administration at any time.

1. Turn to the right several times to clear the lock.
2. Stop at the first number in the combination.
3. Turn to the left, passing the first number and then stop at the
second number.
4. Turn the dial to the right and stop at the third number.
5. Open by pulling up on the handle.

1. Keep your locker combination to yourself; students should
not attempt to open any locker except their own
2. Use your locker efficiently throughout the day: Before school,
during honor time, and after school are the best times.
3. Damage due to misuse, may result in student responsibility for repairs.
4. The locker bay area is specifically for using your locker to pick
up or drop off school materials. Students should move out
of the locker bay and into the commons to socialize.

The library/media center is typically open throughout the day, including lunches. You can visit the media center with your class, in small groups or individually. You may check out materials/books on a wide variety of subjects. You are responsible for taking care of and returning all items checked out. Books are borrowed for two weeks at a time. If you are not finished with your book when it is due back in the library, you may renew it and get more time. Library fines may result in the same consequences listed under Fines and Obligations.

Reference books usually remain in libraries at all times and never go home. At Goodman, our reference books may be borrowed overnight or just for the period. We want our encyclopedias and other reference books available and out in the open so anyone can use them. Therefore, when you borrow them to take home overnight, you must wait until the last period of the day to sign them out and they must be returned by first period the following day. You may borrow reference books over the weekend if you return them by first period the following Monday. You must see the librarian to arrange to borrow reference books.

Parents/guardians may call the office with an emergency message for their child. If this needs to be done in person, please go directly to the office where the office staff will assist you in locating your child. We do not interrupt classes for messages unless there is clearly an emergency. Messages received after 2:30pm may not reach your student before dismissal.

All teachers have a direct line that a parent may call at any time and leave a voice message. Parents do not need to call the office to leave a message for a teacher.

In case of an emergency, we will contact other numbers provided by parents on the emergency form if the student’s parent cannot be reached.

Use of electronic devices during class time for purposes other than those pre-approved by the teacher, may result in the device being confiscated and held by administration. Students are not allowed to send texts or make calls from their personal devices during the school day without receiving permission from a staff member first. Students are not allowed to take photos or videos at school without receiving permission from a staff member first.

Appropriate Use / Locations  Inappropriate Use / Locations
Before the 5 minute bell in the Commons (use of headphones is allowed) PE locker rooms and restrooms
During class when and where the teacher designates use for learning During class without teacher permission
Photos & videos with staff & student permission Hallway, office, gym, library and nurse areas
During lunch Photos & videos WITHOUT staff and student permission
After school Wearing headphones in hallways
  Lunch time
  During emergency drills

Bring electronic devices at your own risk. Students are encouraged to lock their devices in lockers during the school day. If a student decides to carry an electronic device on their person, it must be stored out of sight and set to silent mode so that it
does not become a distraction to learning.

If the cell phone or personal electronic device is found to be in use during the day without permission, it may be confiscated. On the first offense, the student may pick up the device from the office at the end of the day. On the second offense, the student will also be assigned a lunch detention. On the third or subsequent violations, the student will also be assigned an after school detention or other appropriate disciplinary action.

You may pay for lunches by cash, check, or online. A variety of options are available, from hot lunch to ala carte. Water, juice and sports drinks are also available. Students eat in the commons area at tables.

Students may choose to carry school materials to and from school in a backpack. Once at school, students are not allowed to carry backpacks to the classroom. Students may use their lockers to store backpacks during the school day. Students may, however, use a bag large enough to carry a binder, book and small personal items. Students carrying excessively large bags will be directed to leave them in their lockers.


At Goodman Middle School, rules and expectations for behavior are established to create and maintain a safe learning environment for students and staff. These standards and expectations will be explained, taught during the first few weeks of school, and revisited throughout the school year. Any and all rules are also reflective of the Peninsula School District’s Students Rights and Responsibilities Policy. All Goodman students are expected to follow our School Behavior Standards and Expectations as well as the Peninsula School District’s Students’ Rights and Responsibilities.

General Student Expectations:
1. Bring signed materials from home.
2. Arrive to class on time with assignments, books and materials.
3. Eat and drink only in/at designated areas and times.
4. Leave disruptive items at home or in your locker.
5. Respect school property and the property of others.
6. Settle conflicts in an appropriate manner.
7. Contribute to a safe and positive school environment. Bullying, harassment and/or intimidation will not be tolerated.
8. Treat people with respect.
9. Properly serve consequence as assigned.

Attendance Related Expectations:
1. Tardies: You must be in the classroom and seated when the tardy bell rings. For a morning late arrival, the student is to bring a note from a parent/guardian and report immediately to the office for a pass.
2. Hall Passes: Individual passes must be obtained and carried when you leave a class except for large group requests for one destination. Passes may also be a badge indicating participation in a class (such as Leadership) or as a teacher/office assistant. Students are to sign out and in when leaving a class.
3. Restrooms: You are to use the restrooms during non-class hours: before/after school, lunch, breaks and passing times. During class, you must obtain permission and use a pass from the teacher in order to use the closest restroom. Staff may deny or limit requests. A note from a doctor may warrant exceptions.

Safety Behavior Expectations:
1. Absolutely no running, rough housing, horseplay (wrestling, pushing, hitting, kicking, play fighting, tripping, etc.) at any time in the building or outside. Students must keep hands and feet to themselves at all times.
2. PDA – Public Displays of Affection – is not allowed. PDA is defined as: non-gender related kissing and inappropriate hugging and/or touching, putting your arms around one another.
3. Treat each other, staff, guest teachers and all other guests with dignity and respect.
4. No profanity, put-downs, drug related, discriminatory or harassing statements or innuendoes in written, gesture or verbal expression.
5. Lunchroom: Nine students seated per table. Remain at your table until you are excused for honor time. No wandering around the commons during lunch time. Clean up your table area before leaving.
6. You must not use noise, force, violence or any other conduct to cause the disruption or obstruction of the educational process or any function of the school.
7. You must not interfere with the discipline of others either by expression or conduct.

Dress and Appearance Expectations:
All dress and appearance must not be disruptive to or interfere with the educational process/environment. This determination will be made by school administrators. Students wearing inappropriate attire will be expected to make adjustments as necessary before returning to class. Repeated problems with dress and/or appearance will result in notifying parents and disciplinary action.

 Hats or other types of head covering: No scarves, bandanas, hats for both male and female students. Exceptions for medical or religious reasons may be approved by administration. Hats may be worn at athletic events after school or outside during inclement weather.
 Gang-related attire or behavior: No gang affiliations, clothing, or signs
 Sagging: Pants and shorts waistlines must be above the top of the pelvis/hip bones and secured with a belt if loose. Undergarments must not be visible at any time.
 Overalls: Straps must be attached at the shoulder or tucked in.
 Tops: Tops should touch the top of the waistband with arms down at the side or when raised over the head. Tops must not expose cleavage, stomach, or undergarment straps. Straps on tops must have a width or 2 or more inches. Mesh, see-through, halter tops, backless tops, or racer back tanks are not allowed.
 Shorts, Skirts, Dresses: The length must be at least to the tip of the longest finger when arms are down at sides.
 Shoes: Shoes must have soles and be worn at all times. Any shoes that present a safety risk may not be worn at school.

Not Allowed:
1. Articles or clothing that promote/display/contain/insinuate any of the following in words, pictures or symbols: drugs/alcohol, tobacco/tobacco-related products, violence, sexual references, profanity, discriminatory statements against individuals or groups.
2. Spiked necklaces, chokers, bracelets, or chains deemed as a safety concern by Administration

Property Related Expectations
1. Food, candy and drink are allowed in the commons or the outside designated eating area only. Students should be seated at a table when eating or drinking in the commons
2. Treat the building structure, furniture, equipment and books with respect. Students will be held accountable to pay for or repair any damage they cause. Unpaid fines may result in consequences noted under Fines and Obligations.
3. Electronic devices are allowed to be used to read, play games, and listen to music before school and during Honor Time. They are not to be used during any other time during the school day unless utilized for instructional purposes in the classroom. Failure to follow the rules will result in disciplinary action such as: confiscation of the item, detention, parent picking up the item, or student having to check the item in at the office daily and picking up after school.
4. All property of another individual, including staff, should not be touched without permission (items in/on/around desk, computer, work rooms).
5. Begging or “requesting” money or other items from others may be considered intimidation / harassment. If money is needed to purchase lunch, arrangements can be made with administration, counselors or the food services staff.
6. The commercial exploitation of students at GMS is not permitted. Do not sell, trade or buy non-school related items on campus without prior approval from school administration.
7. Students are highly discouraged from borrowing or loaning money. In addition, students are discouraged from bringing large amounts of money to school.


At Goodman Middle School, rules and expectations for behavior are established to create and maintain a safe learning environment for students and staff. With new administration this year, an updated Behavior Plan is currently in development. This plan will be consistent with school district guidelines and will be shared with all Roadrunner families as it is implemented. In the meantime, past practice is outlined below as a reference.

 Honor Level 2 – 1st Infraction: Full Lunch Detention (30 minutes); student uses his/her detention slip to proceed to the front of the lunch line; student reports immediately to the detention room or office; student comes prepared to sit silently and read/do school work in this room; parent notification. Failure to attend will result in an additional lunch detention or assignment to after school detention.

 Honor Level 2 – 2nd Infraction: Full Lunch Detention (additional) (30 minutes); same as above

 Honor Level 3 – 3rd Infraction: After School Detention (assigned by an administrator); parent notification, loss of participation in assemblies, after school activities and sports. Some behaviors will result in immediate assignment to After School Detention and placement on Honor Level 3.


You will immediately be referred to an administrator for these offenses, including, but not limited to:

1. Use or possession of potentially dangerous objects/weapons
2. Fighting or intent to do bodily harm; Assault
3. Intimidation, profanity or harassment (physical, verbal, social, cyber)
4. Vandalism/False Alarms (including fire)
5. Use or possession or tobacco products, drugs, drug paraphernalia or alcohol
6. Profanity directed toward a staff person or peers
7. Truancy
8. Refusal to comply
9. Cheating/Copying/Providing Answers
10. Falsification of documents
11. Major disruption

These offenses constitute extreme misconduct and may be punishable by suspension and/or expulsion on a first offense. These are prohibited at any time on, in or adjacent to school premises, in transit to and from school and at school-sponsored activities. These may also constitute a violation of federal, state or local laws. Consequences for these behaviors can result in removal from end of year activities including, but not limited to: any/all 8th grade activities, field day, annual signing, end of the year assembly, etc. Specific consequences in these areas are laid out in the Peninsula School District Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

Compliance (Refusal; Blatant Disregard)
Students must, by law, submit to reasonable directions, requests or corrective actions imposed by the school staff acting in the performance of their duties. This includes all searches (e.g. lockers, bags and person) conducted by Administration. School personnel (and designees) have the right to request that persons on school grounds, school buses or at school related activities identify themselves. No student shall fail to provide his/her name and other pertinent information when asked.

Students must not use noise, force, violence or any other conduct to cause the disruption or obstruction of the educational process or any function. Students must not interfere with the discipline of other students, either by expression or conduct.

Falsification of Documents
Students must not write, attempt to pass a forged (falsified) note/signature or make any false entry or alteration of any document used in connection with the operation of the school. This also includes aiding and abetting others to do the same.

Cheating involves submitting work in a written assignment or exam that is not your own. It includes the following:
1. Copying someone else’s work
2. Allowing someone else to copy your work
3. Having someone else complete your work for you
4. Using unauthorized material to help you complete your work or test
Fighting or Intent to do Bodily Harm: Assault
Intentionally causing, attempting to inflict, behaving in such a way as to cause or the actual infliction or physical injury on any school personnel, student or other person is prohibited. Instigating a fight or threatening verbally or in written form may also be viewed as assault and/or harassment.

Any intentional, severe, persistent or pervasive electronic, written, verbal or physical action toward a student, teacher, administrator or other school personnel for the purpose of:
1. intimidating or coercing him/her to behave in a certain manner
2. physically harming a person
3. damaging a person’s property
4. substantially interfering with a student’s education
5. causing an intimidating or threatening environment
6. disrupting the orderly operation of school is strictly prohibited.

Harassment, intimidation and bullying can take many forms including, but not limited to, disrespectful and discriminatory language, signs or acts; rumors, “jokes,” innuendos, demeaning comments, drawings, cartoons, pranks, gestures, physical attacks, threats, written messages, images.

Sexual Harassment
Any conduct that constitutes sexual harassment is strictly forbidden. Specific examples of behaviors that may constitute sexual harassment are:
1. Persistent, unwelcome flirtation, advances and/or propositions of a sexual nature;
2. Repeated, offensive and unwelcome advances, comments, gestures: telephone calls, leers, insults and/or jokes that are sexual in nature.
3. Repeated, unwelcome comments of a sexual nature about an individual’s body, physical appearance, sex life or clothing;
4. Deliberate and unwelcome touching such as petting, pinching, hugging or brushing against an individual’s body;
5. Unwelcome and offensive displays such as leering, kissing, physical gestures of a sexual nature, or sexually suggestive objects or pictures (i.e. nude pictures/drawings);
6. Pressure for dates or sex, if unwelcome and repeated.
7. Inappropriate acts, comments, or conversations that are offensive to a bystander.

These should be used as guidelines for determining whether conduct constitutes sexual harassment. However, unwelcome conduct that does not clearly fall into one of these categories may still constitute sexual harassment.

At the middle school level being welcomed does not justify conduct. Even conduct which is legitimately welcomed may be offensive to others in the educational or work environment. Similarly, conduct which is not intended to be sexually motivated or sexually gratifying to anyone involved may be either inappropriate or offensive to others.

Any student who believes that he/she has been harassed, intimidated or bullied is encouraged to take the complaint to an administrator or counselor. Complaints will be investigated. Every effort will be made to preserve confidentiality and protect the student’s privacy to the extent the investigation process allows. Witnesses of intimidation, harassment or bullying of others (bystanders) are encouraged to report such behavior to an adult.

Retaliation/False Allegations
Retaliation is prohibited and will result in appropriate discipline. It is a violation of Peninsula School Board Policy to threaten or harm someone for reporting harassment, intimidation or bullying. It is also a violation of District policy to knowingly report false allegations of harassment, intimidation and bullying. Students will not be disciplined for making a report in good faith. However, persons found to knowingly report or corroborate false allegations will be subject to appropriate discipline.

Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia
Students are not permitted to have in their possession, consume, be under the influence of, show evidence of having used or selling/distributing (trafficking) of any alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, marijuana, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia and look-a-likes. Students must not infer, pass off as or sell items/non-drugs. It is illegal to have over-the-counter medication without following district procedures. At no time should these medications be given to another student for whom appropriate procedures have not been followed.

Truancy is defined as any time the student is out of the classroom/assigned area (i.e. library, assembly or activity) without permission and a hall pass during the school day. See Attendance section regarding building/state recognized truancies.

Vandalism / False Alarms
Students will honor and maintain personal and public property by not defacing (including writing graffiti on), damaging or destroying any article or facet thereof. Students will not enter or use any school facilities without authorization. Students must not tamper with alarms, fire extinguishers, fire alarms or other emergency equipment (including emergency communication lines, i.e. 9-1-1).

Weapons / Potentially Dangerous Objects / Look-a-Likes (use, possession, transfer)
Items that are deemed as potentially dangerous objects, weapons or look-a-likes are prohibited on school grounds. Students in possession, using, handling or transmitting any object, which can reasonably be considered a weapon and/or is being used as such will be immediately expelled and face possible police intervention. Students who mistakenly come to school with such an object should notify an administrator, teacher or other adult immediately.

Your Rights and Responsibilities
The rules and regulations contained in the Students Rights and Responsibilities pamphlet published by the Peninsula School District govern all matters relating to student discipline and/or suspension. A copy of this handbook can be found on the PSD website at Additional copies of these pamphlets are available in the main office upon request. As a matter of practice, no individual student’s rights may impinge on the rights of another student, the student body as a whole or the safe and effective operation of the educational environment.


A variety of interesting, challenging, fun and worthwhile activities are available to students of Goodman Middle School. They include a wide variety of options – tech club, yearbook, robotics, and drama to name a few. Clubs and activities may change each school year depending on student interest. If you wish to participate in any of these, you need to pay careful attention to the morning announcements for dates, times and sign up information. You may need to arrange transportation home well in advance. If you elect to stay and cheer on a team or attend a dance, you will be required to remain at the site of the event and may not wander around the campus. Remember that, in order to remain after school for activities, you must be on Honor Level 1 or 2. Each club/activity will have guidelines and expectations. Students must be picked up within 15 minutes following an activity or event, or they may lose the privilege of attending future activities/events.

ASB (Associate Student Body)
The student council is representative of the student body. Students from each homeroom are selected by popular vote to serve as homeroom representative. Student Council President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary are elected in the spring along with 7th and 8th grade class representatives. The selection for the 6th grade representative will be completed in September.

ASB and the advisors plan general activities for the year and are alert to needs as they arise during the year. Members hold meetings, inform their classmates of decisions and seek the administration and staff input in carrying out special events, projects and ideas.

Goodman Middle School’s athletic programs focus on skill development and encourage involvement. Participants will be challenged physically and mentally. A spirit of cooperation, teamwork, fair play and good sportsmanship are all promoted through co curricular activities. Students will gain knowledge and skills during practices and will be able to test their abilities through scheduled games with athletes their own age within the Peninsula School District. Schools include Goodman, Harbor Ridge, Key Peninsula and Kopachuck Middle Schools. Some of the programs include cuts, while others are open enrollment such as wrestling and track.

The coaches provide schedules of practices and games. Parents are encouraged to attend all games and to take an active part in our programs.

Students must have a recent physical examination (valid for two years) signed by a physician in order to participate in the athletic program. Students are encouraged to receive this physical during the summer months if he/she has plans to participate in any sport at Goodman.

Sports Clearance
The following items must be cleared through the office before you may turn out/participate in athletics: Pick up a Student Athletic/Activities Participation Packet in the office:

The student and parent/guardian must complete and submit a new packet prior to participation in each sport or activity and attention to timelines is essential. Each packet is due several days prior to each activity start date – dates are posted around the school and on our website.

Each packet contains the following components:
 Required Student Information for Participation in Athletics/Activities
 WIAA School Eligibility Checklist
 WIAA Pre-Participation History and Physical Examination
(a form provided by the health care provider’s office may be substituted)
A current physical, by a licensed physician, may be kept on file with the school
health technician; sports physicals are good for two years
 Sport **Specific** Safety Guidelines
**see** “Activities Code of Conduct” Page 36 of the Peninsula School District Student Rights and responsibilities Handbook


1. A current Goodman Middle School ASB Card is required.
2. Pay to Play fee will be required once accepted as a member of the team and must be paid prior to the first game / meet.
3. School work must be completed prior to each competition.
4. Proper care and return of school issued sport uniform.

SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS: Success is important to all students at the middle school level. Therefore, in addition to academic success, we strive to provide a multitude of activities so each student will have the opportunity to find an area that will provide a sense of self-satisfaction, pride and accomplishment. You are key to this effort. If you wish to volunteer or have ideas for programs or events, please contact the office at 253-530-1600. Parents may also volunteer in a myriad of ways by contacting the volunteer coordinator listed through parent group information.