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Trimester 2 Student Schedules

The start of Trimester 2 is Monday, Dec. 6 and the deadline to request a schedule change is Friday, December 10. Contact your counselor with your request and continue to follow your schedule as shown in your portal until you are notified. 

Peninsula School District's Comprehensive School Counseling Program empowers students to develop mindsets and behaviors essential for success in social/emotional, academic, and career domains through a range of preventative and responsive, direct and indirect services.

Students who wish to see their counselor can send their counselor an email and either Mr. Lantz or Mrs. Siegrist will meet with the student as soon as possible.

Darrel Lantz works with students whose last names begin with A-K.


Office phone: 253-530-1633

Erika Nemecek works with students whose last names begin with L-Z.


Office phone: 253-530-1632

To submit a schedule change request, students should follow the link that will be posted here prior to each new term. This link will also be posted on the 2021 Learning page of our website.


At Goodman Middle School, counselors support students’ social/emotional, academic, and career development through individual, group, and classroom guidance. 

Social/emotional- Our counselors:

  • Provide individual counseling/support

  • Facilitate small group counseling for a variety of concerns such as peer relationships, anxiety, and grief

  • Help with attendance issues

  • Connect families with community resources

  • Intervene in crisis situations

  • Support families in need of financial assistance

  • Mediate peer conflicts

Academic - Our counselors:

  • Provide individual counseling/support

  • Facilitate staffings and parent conferences

  • Develop and support academic plans for student success

  • Facilitate new student orientations

  • Support class registration

  • Manage 504 plans

Career - Our counselors:

  • Provide individual counseling/support

  • Facilitate classroom presentations 

  • Assist students in applying for the College Bound Scholarship

Our professional background equips us to work with parents and children in a number of helpful ways.  Training includes a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Education with courses in personality and learning theory, child development and counseling techniques.  We have earned counseling certificates from the State of Washington.  However, we are not licensed psychologists/psychiatrists and do not provide therapy during the school day.


If your family is moving because you have lost your housing due to economic hardship or a similar reason, your child may qualify for additional supports under the McKinney-Vento Act. If you have questions about this program, please contact your school counselor or Becky Maffei, Peninsula School District's McKinney-Vento Liaison, at 253.514.3056.