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District Counseling Mission Statement

The PSD CSCP (Comprehensive School Counseling Program) will provide, through a focused academic, personal/social and career-based curriculum, opportunities for all students to be equipped with skills to attain their potential of becoming life-long learners filled with integrity, adventure and purpose.


Welcome to the Goodman Middle School Counseling Center. School Counselors are here to:

  • Provide individual counseling/support
  • Help with attendance issues
  • Facilitate staffings and parent conferences
  • Develop plans for student success
  • Provide contacts for community resource
  • Facilitate new student orientations
  • Complete schedule changes
  • Support career and college exploration
  • Intervene in crisis situations
  • Monitor grades
  • Support families in need of financial assistance
  • Mediate peer conflicts
  • Facilitate group counseling for a variety of concerns such as grief, divorce, peer relationships, etc.

Our professional background equips us to work with parents and children in a number of helpful ways.  Training includes a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Education with courses in personality and learning theory, child development and counseling techniques.  We have earned counseling certificates from the State of Washington.  However, we are not licensed psychologist/psychiatrists and do not provide therapy during the school day.


Our counseling responsibilities are divided between our two counselors:

Counselor Student Whose Last Name Begins With… Phone Number
Erika Nemecek ;      M – Z 530-1632
Darrel Lantz: A – L 530-1633

…and are divided as follows:

Program Counselor(s)
5th Grade Goodman Connections Nemecek / Lantz
Elementary Tutor Program Nemecek
5th Grade Registration Nemecek / Lantz
High School Registration Nemecek
Anti-Bullying Program Nemecek / Lantz
P C Sexual Harassment Presentation Coordination Lantz
504 Program Monitor Nemecek / Lantz
Invest ED / Saul Haas Fund Lantz
Mix-it-up Nemecek
Healthy Youth Survey Nemecek
Student Success Skills Nemecek
Group Counseling Nemecek


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